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Done by Matt Owen @Utility Tattoo Halifax,NS by mean-heart Done by Matt Owen @Utility Tattoo Halifax,NS :iconmean-heart:mean-heart 1 0
the pen doesn't work
and the books don't work
and the pills don't work
and the bottles don't work
and the canned beans don't work
and the stove doesn't work
and the doorbell doesn't work
and the phone doesn't work
and the radio doesn't work
and the shoes don't work
and the fingers don't work
and the lamp doesn't work
and the toilet doesn't work
and the foot doesn't work
and the speakers don't work
and I, I don't work
it is all broken, everything
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I've never dreamt I could fly. From what I've been told, this puts me in a rather small minority. Most of my friends tell me that have had at least one dream where they could fly. Flying over the city, over the countryside, through the halls of their respective high-schools.  Like a bird, like an airplane. Like Peter Pan. They could fly. It's a very common dream they tell me. But I've never had it. I have dreamt that I could jump very high. Even that I could jump very far and even control when I come back down. But never that I could outright fly. It wasn't a conversation that I had often, but when I did I got some odd looks. What bothered me wasn't that I had a different dream than everyone else, but that somehow my dream was wrong.
My wife was unnaturally worried about it all. It signals something deep, she said. Something subconsciously misaligned, she said. You have unfulfilled desires, she told me one day after getting several books on dream interpretations from the libr
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The Tao of Hope
I awake each morning in
a hospital bed
I am fed one can of beans
and one can of beer
and I am told
"don't worry,
the doctor will be here soon"
I am kept amused
by childrens cartoons
and news of war abroad
of celebrity gossip
the lottery jackpot winners
interrupted by the nurse
who tells me
"don't worry,
the doctor will be here soon"
and feeds me one can of beans
and one can of beer
then leaves me to rest
for awhile
the library cart comes
for us long term patients
and we are fed one can of lies
and one can of sympathy
which we digest for weeks
before shitting it out
in relief and admiration
then the nurse tells me
"don't worry
the doctor will be here soon
he can make it all better"
And I am fed one can of beans
and one can of beer
:iconmean-heart:mean-heart 2 0
Monday Morning Manifesto
This is my Monday morning manifesto:
Make eggs, make coffee
Go to the store, stretch out the legs and get some bread
Get some fresh air, get beer for the day
Drink just enough to get comfortable
Not enough to get happy
Take a walk down to the water
Throw in all my hopes
Ignore the ones that drown, retrieve the ones that float
Walk down a street I haven't been on
Smile at a stranger
Tell myself they will remember me
Plant a fruit tree
Grow a pair
Tell her that I love her
Tell her that I don't care
Even if she doesn't, I can always dream
Get a good nights sleep
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I wish I could live
in a perpetual
of four day beard
Just enough to show I'm a man
Just enough to show
the grease
Just enough to show I'm lazy
or that maybe I don't care
Enough to show I haven't given up
maybe just on this week
:iconmean-heart:mean-heart 0 0
The Nicest Thing Anyone Has Ever Done For Me by mean-heart The Nicest Thing Anyone Has Ever Done For Me :iconmean-heart:mean-heart 4 0
Oh no, fell into this trap again
An empty quagmire
Same as last time
Without excuse
There's a bull on the loose
From hated castration
Masculine abdication
And he's running on fumes
Oh no, like a wounded animal
On the side of the road
Another victimless crime
No one will know
This will be the last time I know this will be the last time I know
Caught thinking of contraband
A game of catch and release
And now you unwilling actors
Must dance upon your knees
:iconmean-heart:mean-heart 0 0
I Can't and I Won't by mean-heart I Can't and I Won't :iconmean-heart:mean-heart 2 4 Is There More? by mean-heart Is There More? :iconmean-heart:mean-heart 2 5 The View From the Top by mean-heart The View From the Top :iconmean-heart:mean-heart 0 0 Happy When It's Done by mean-heart Happy When It's Done :iconmean-heart:mean-heart 2 1 Quingate Tower by mean-heart Quingate Tower :iconmean-heart:mean-heart 0 0 Young Tower by mean-heart Young Tower :iconmean-heart:mean-heart 0 0 Saturday Night by mean-heart Saturday Night :iconmean-heart:mean-heart 0 0 Plaza Apartments by mean-heart Plaza Apartments :iconmean-heart:mean-heart 0 0



Kevin Barker

Current Residence: GMT -4
Favourite genre of music: Lately it's been Nirvana and Radiohead
MP3 player of choice: I listen to Vinyl
Skin of choice: My own, but I don't have a choice with that
Favourite cartoon character: Coach Maguirk or Joan d'Arc
Personal Quote: The more people expect of you the harder it is to please them
I am participating in Movember this year. To raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research I will be growing a moustache for the whole month of November(and I might keep it after). Please donate what you can here…

Much love and appreciation from my and all other mens prostates.


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OceanAtEndofTheLane Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2011
woo Haligonian
DixieCup Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010
i take it you live in Halifax by some of your shots... me too!
Great shots btw :3
mrpregs Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2010   Traditional Artist
thanks for the favorite!!
everyMarch Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the fave! :)
everyMarch Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
hey!! You're watching me again =D thank you! How's life?
mean-heart Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009
Not too shabby. Worked high rise all summer, just got laid off. Made friends w/ Vinny. You? Heard you're sticking it out in T.O.
everyMarch Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Yep, I got a really good job so I decided to stay. And I visited Montreal a couple times recently and I think I like TO better anyway. What are you thinking of doing now for work? Vinnie told me the story where his boss paid for you and a bunch of his employees :D
mean-heart Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2009
I might have some floor cleaning work with my cousin here. I just need something on top of the EI 'til I get back to fulltime in the spring.
MzXIII Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009  Professional Artist
Thank-you for adding "Deadly Kiss" to your favourites. ^_^
mean-heart Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009
More than welcome
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